China Panda gold coin 8 g

China Panda gold coin 8 g

  • China Panda gold coin 8 g
  • China Panda gold coin 8 g

China Panda gold coin 8 g

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An eight-gram China Panda gold coin, minted by the China Gold Coin Incorporation.

8.00 g
22.0 mm
China Gold Coin Incorporation

A specifically designed protective capsule is included in the price of the product.

The obverse side of the Chinese panda gold coin features the Temple of Heaven, Tiantan, located in Beijing. Tiantan is the symbolic meeting point of the earth and the heavens, which is beautifully displayed in this majestic edition of the Chinese Panda. The temple was completed during the Ming Dynasty, and in 1996 it was selected for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The reverse side features a panda brother and sister frolicking among the foliage, the one helping the other to climb higher up the tree. The pictorial motif of the panda is part of a larger series that follows the life, development and social interaction of the Chinese pandas.

The Chinese Panda coin is investment grade gold and is therefore exempt from VAT.

*The stated weight reflects the amount of pure gold in the item. The total weight of the item may be greater.