Big 5 Elephant gold coin 1 oz

Big 5 Elephant gold coin 1 oz

  • Big 5 Elephant gold coin 1 oz
  • Big 5 Elephant gold coin 1 oz

Big 5 Elephant gold coin 1 oz

Price 2 309,89 €

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A one-ounce Big 5 Elephant gold coin, minted by the South African Mint.

31.1035 g / 1 oz
32.69 mm
South African Mint

A specifically designed protective capsule is included in the price of the product.

The Big 5 Elephant coin is named after the mighty African elephant, which dominates the obverse side. The picture is startlingly realistic: the entire life history of the seasoned wild animal can be read from the deep furrows on its face and trunk as well as from the wear and tear of its ear lobes.

The reverse side is decorated by the half-faces of two elephants. When matching coins are placed side by side, the proud owner of the coins will be surprised to see that he is looking eye to eye with an entire herd of elephants.

Big 5 Elephant coin is investment grade gold and is therefore exempt from VAT.

*The stated weight reflects the amount of pure gold in the item. The total weight of the item may be greater.

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